Rebecca Speirs logo





My logo is a simple and dynamic image of a wave and a koru interlocking.  It symbolises inter-connectivity and is based on the ‘Innovation Nation’ flag design I submitted for the 2015 New Zealand flag referendum project.

The 'Innovation Nation' flag

Here’s the thinking behind the design:

  • The blue parts are a wave and the sky, representing both the oceans around New Zealand, and ‘blue ocean/blue sky’ thinking – i.e. the innovation and creativity that will enable us to thrive going forward in a globalized world.
  • The koru represents growth and strength, Aotearoa’s Maori heritage, and the land and physical resources on which we all depend.
  • The white part keeps it looking fresh, and kind of represents the long white cloud.
  • The interlocking of wave and koru symbolise that New Zealand is a dynamic place to be, and shows the inter-connectivity between land and sea, past and present, traditions and new thinking.

Below is a link to the design in the flag simulator!