Apart from the people in my life and the fantastic environment I’m lucky enough to live in here in Wellington, I get a lot of inspiration and awesome brain food from listening to podcasts and interviews.  Here are my current favourites:

  • Fitter Radio – triathlon, nutrition, interviews
  • IM Talk – triathlon, banter, interviews
  • Legends of triathlon – interviews with heroes and heroines or the sport
  • Bevan James Eyles Show – interviews around fitness behaviour
  • Between Worlds – interviews with innovators
  • Design Matters – conversations with designers, musicians, artists, etc on contemporary thought
  • Straight & Curly – straight talking Aussie life hack show!

You can find these on iTunes or some have their own app.

fitter radio podcast  IM talk podcast  Legends of triathlon podcast  Bevan James Eyles podcast  between worlds podcast    Design matters podcast  Straight and Curly podcast

Headspace – highly recommended meditation app.  I often meditate for 10-15 mins a day using this app, usually before bed which I find helps me sleep well, but sometimes also as a pick me up during the day.

Yoga Studio – is a fantastic app with a range of yoga classes at different levels and with different focuses.  It’s a great way to stretch and relax at home and you can even choose your own background music.

Headspace  Yoga Studio

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