me and lilly

Later this week a group of dedicated triathletes from Capital Sports Performance are heading off to compete in the age group world championships in Cozumel, Mexico.  All the hard work in training over winter is about to be realised, and these guys and gals have been training seriously hard.

The energetic and effervescent Jo Crawford has been a constant source of inspiration to me at our group training sessions with her continued enthusiasm and commitment. I caught up with Jo to find out more about the experience she’s hoping to have in Mexico and what’s been driving her along the way:

RS:  Jo, what are you looking forward about competing in Mexico?

JC:  I am mostly looking forward to racing in the heat, I really love the warm air and the looseness I feel in my body with the heat. Also being able to breathe freely! (I have mild asthma which makes the colder temperatures in Welly hard to push in sometimes!

RS:  What’s been motivating you in training through the winter?

JC:  I am getting old! I only have another 2 years I reakon of “fast speed racing” it is also very important to me to be able to give my all and leave nothing in the tank on race day, Mexico is costing a huge amount of money for our family and I want to make them proud of me, it also helps that I am pretty aggressive/competitive, so wanting to be faster than everyone is a good motivator to train train train, but do it smart and listen to my body and coach.

RS:  What kind of challenges have you faced in training and what’s been your approach?

JC:  My biggest challenge has been my foot, I have bone stress and angry tendons/muscles around the cuboid and metarsal bones 4 and 5, basically the specialist is not sure what is causing my pain and we can’t see any fractures, so fingers crossed it is a tendon/muscle issue rather then bone!

My training approach has been to use the Anti Gravity machine at Healthfit collective gym on the waterfront, I am fortunate enough to be able to use this amazing machine twice a week to do my speed training on only 20-45% body weight, as the months have counted down to D-day I have been increasing the weight % with little or no pain, but it is a very gradual process, I wish I had 6 more months!….

RS:  Any departing messages for the Snowy Mountains team in Wellington?!

JC:  Go get em team! Wellington is such a great little hilly/windy city to train in! Your strength and endurance should surpass the rest and smash the field! GOOOO KIWIS!!!!

RS:  Thanks heaps Jo for your insights and inspiring us – hoping you guys all GO WELL in Mexico, have an awesome experience and totally tear it up!


Jojo to Mexico