img_2526Rebecca Rocke is having an amazing year of cross tri experiences, racing three of the world’s top rated courses over 2016 – Xterra Rotorua, Xterra world championships in Maui and the Snowy Mountains in Australia. Before departing for the Snowies Rebecca shares some great insights into dealing with the unexpected, staying determined and not giving up.

RS: What are you looking forward about going to the Snowy Mountains?

RR: Hanging out with a few adventurous Wellington off-road triathletes all focused on the same thing. It’s usually a great atmosphere and with there being soo many from Wellington going it should be a great week away. Can’t wait for the post race war stories.

RS: What’s been motivating you in training through the winter?

RR: As I was also gearing up for Xterra worlds in Hawaii the highlight of my weekly training was the 3+ sauna sessions I was expected to do. There was something very motivating about completing a session outside in the cold, knowing that following it I was likely to be toasting myself in a sauna for a purpose.

RS: What’s been your approach to any challenges you’ve faced along the way? Any tips or tricks for ‘fitting everything in’?

RR: I would advise against driving your car into the garage with your bike on top, and righting it off 4 mths out, it left me without a bike for about five weeks which meant we had to train with alternatives.

My learning from this season would be to always have alternatives, and make sure you know what they are before you need them, make a decision on what alternative you are going to be doing the next day the night before so there was no room for procrastination in the morning, and no excuses.

My tip for fitting everything in.. Get your gear ready the night before and make sure you know what you are doing and need to do before you are doing it.

RS: How do you hope to feel while you’re racing? (and afterwards!)

RR: I’m hoping to just enjoy it, have some fun on the trails and just see what happens.

RS: Anything else you’d like to share or mention?

RR: If you don’t try you never know what you are really capable of.

5 years ago I tripped over during a long distance running event, dislocated a finger and damaged my shoulder. It took about 3 years to get those injuries resolved. Throughout those 3 years I wanted to give up on training, I wasn’t achieving what I wanted, I had to give up swimming cause it was too painful, I couldn’t grip handle bars in the cold, I couldn’t even ride my road bike without pain for longer than 45mins. Not to mention waking up every morning before training hoping that today there would be no pain. Luckily I am a bit stubborn but also thanks to a very supportive coach that put up with my complaining but never let me back off, I’ve made it to today, I’m the fittest and strongest I have ever been. So fingers crossed it all comes together on the day.

I must also mention Bodylab who kick started my recovery 2 years ago, it took a while but thankfully we got there, pain free and swimming again.